Firewolf Lux Faux Fur PomPom

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Add a Pom (pompom, pouf or puff, if you please!) to any hat or beanie!

- Hand-made from premium hand-cut faux fur fabric; Available in 4", 5", & 6" 

- Easily remove or install onto any hat without the hassle of trying to thread buttons with thread or ribbons. 

- All poms are made with our patent-pending system, which makes it so easy to remove for No-Pom Days or hat washing, reattaching to the beanie, or to switch poms out!

- Spot Clean only; not machine washable

- Listing is for 1 PomPom only

Pompoms can get a little frazzled during their journey to you, so just grip it close to the pom & give it a good firm shake to fluff it back up again.  You can also use a hair dryer or a brush to quickly bring it back to full fluffiness.